Support Danish NCIP Guidelines DCB-3


NCIP Implementation Guidelines: NCIP Implementation Guidelines: Collaboration between General User Interfaces being Brokers and Local Library Systems. danZIG-specification 06

Vendors of integrated library systems have stated that named systems support these guidelines from a given version.
Last update: 20 December 2011

Vendor: Axiell Bibliotek A/S

System: DDElibra

Version: Not decided yet

Remark: Scheduled to be implemented depending on the political resolution

Date: Not decided yet

Contact: Lisbeth Balle


Vendor: DBC as

System: Integra

Version: Not decided yet


Date: Not decided yet

Contact: Jens Leth,


Template for vendors
Vendor: Example AS
System: Example
Version: Version-no or Not decided yet
Remark: Any information which can help people
Date: date or Not decided yet
Contact: name and email





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