RFID SIP2 protocol extension for ISIL


Published: 26 August 2011



Specification of Danish RFID SIP2 protocol extension for ISIL



For command message Checkin is added a field to contain an ISIL (see http://biblstandard.dk/isil/) with special attention to the Danish ISIL (see: http://www.bibliotekogmedier.dk/english/standards/danish-library-number/) in accordance with 3Mô Standard Interchange Protocol, section Protocol Extensions.



Field specification:


Owner institution (ISIL)††††††† WS††††††††††† variable-length optional field†††††††††††††††


Source for this information will for RFID tags according to ISO 28560 be data element Owner institution (ISIL), which identifies ISIL for the library, which owns the material.





Library system vendors and RFID system vendor have stated support RFID SIP2 protocol extension for ISIL is listed in: http://biblstandard.dk/rfid/dk/support_SIP2extensionISIL.htm


Support means for RFID systems, that if a RFID-tag in a material for checkin contains data element Owner institution (ISIL), this will be reported in field WS.


For library systems means support, that that if a Checkin message contains a field WS, the system can receive it. If the ISIL differs from ISIL of the library, the library system uses the ISIL to identify the owner library.





The field WS is not stated as required field, because presence of ISIL presupposes not only RFID, but also that DS/INF 28560 is supported of the library, which has lent material via ILL to the actual library.

The field AO institution id is not used because many installations use this for other purposes than to identify the library, which owns the material.


In 3Mô Standard Interchange Protocol, section "Fields" under "Standard Protocol Rules and Regulations", is stated that "Fields with unrecognized field identifiers should be ignored". This implies that a RFID reader system can use this extension with no regard to other systems: if these systems are aware about this extension, these systems can use the information, if not: nothing happens.


3M is informed about this extension.






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