ISO 28560:2011 Clarifications

Authors : Paul Chartier (editor of ISO 28560-2)



Status : For information

Bemark : Valid for ISO 28560-1:2011,  not for ISO 28560-1:2014 ; for for ISO 28560-2:2011,  not for ISO 28560-2:2014 and for ISO 28560-3:2011,  not for ISO 28560-3:2014.

Published by ISO/TC46/SC4/WG11 RFID in Libraries

Information and documentation, Technical interoperability

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First version: 4 November 2011

Updated after approval of ISO 26560-1:2014, ISO 26560-2:2014, and ISO 26560-3:2014,





After ISO 28560 is publised, software developers will be taking action to develop solutions that will help libraries implement the standards.  During the course of this development, questions have been raised to clarify points associated with the three standards.  As these clarifications need to be imparted fairly quickly to ensure interoperability between systems, these clarification documents have been prepared and approved by ISO TC46 SC4 WG11.


This page clarifies clarifications that apply to all three standards.  The links below point to clarifications for the specific parts of ISO 28560.


               ISO 28560-1:2011

               ISO 28560-2:2011

               ISO 28560-3:2011


Encodable Characters

Although not explicitly stated in the standards, the intention of WG11 has always been that encodable characters shall be restricted to graphical characters, and not control characters.  This is because most of the data needs to be as displayed in the same way as on the Library Management System (also known as the Library Information System).


Some data elements have constraints imposed upon them in one or more Parts of ISO 28560 as to the subset of graphical characters that may be encoded.  Reference is necessary to the standards themselves, or to the associated clarification documents.


In addition, some of the data elements are expressed in a way that they are encoded on the RFID tag as bit values or byte values.  Care needs to be taken that the source of the data and the requirements for ISO 28560-2 or ISO 28560-3 are aligned.