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Preben Aagaard Nielsen, prb@kulturstyrelsen.dk




15 October 2014

The ISO/TC 46 SC4 meeting held in June 2013 decided to prepare minor revisions of ISO 28560 parts 1, 2 and 3. After ballot on the proposed changes the standards are now published by the minor revisions. The minor changes concern:

·         ISO 28560-1:2014:

·         Chap. 4 User data elements (4.2.19, 4.2.20).

·         Annex C Type of usage code values.

·         ISO 28560-2:2014:

·         Chap 6 Data elements (6.16, 6.17, 6.19, 6.20).

·         Chap 7 Data encoding (7.4.4,,

·         ISO 28560-3:2014:

·         Chap 6 Data elements (Table 1 row N1, N3, N5, N19, N20, N23).

·         Annex B (error corrected in Table B.1).


5 August 2014

Leif Andresen stepped down at the ISO TC46/SC4 meeting May 2004. New convener is Preben Aagaard Nielsen, Danish Agency for Culture.


7 April 2014

The RFID in libraries. Q&A is updated with two more Q&A’s:

·         What if the ISIL is a WorldCat Symbol – is “OCLC” needed as prefix?

·         What if an ISIL don’t fulfill the ISO 15511 ISIL requirement to characters?


31 March 2014

The FDIS ballot about the minor revision of ISO 28560-1, 28560-2 and 28560-3 is now concludes with approval all three with zero NO votes. Only a few editorial comments, so it will take short time before the three revised standards go to publication.

Links to documents relevant for the 2011 version are moved to Historical ISO 28560 documents.


3 March 2014

The ballot about ISO/TS 28560-4, Information and documentation - RFID in Libraries - Part 4: Encoding of data elements based on rules from ISO/IEC 15962 in an RFID tag with partitioned memory

Is concluded with 21 YES votes and 4 abstain. The standard will go for publication after treatment of the editorial comments.


3 March 2014

The ballot about the minor revision of ISO 28560-1, 28560-2 and 28560-3 is out for a FDIS ballot, which will conclude 27 March 2014. The minor revision takes the clarifications (see ISO 28560 Clarifications to the left) and the other preparations (see Preparations for next version of ISO 28560 to the left) into account. 









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